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“Life Extension” for water & waste water pipelines

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment


Dave Russell

A common expression used in the oil and gas industry is “life extension”. Usually people are referring to aging power stations, refineries or gas plants that have exceeded their design life and are “kept going” by intensive inspection programs that include NDT (Non Destructive Testing).

It is also a common term used in Asset Management Programs (AMPs) for buried oil and gas pipelines and above ground structures like bridges.

One day, I hope that the water and waste water business will start talking about “life extension”. In my mind, it is the only way to minimize the expense (currently estimated to be 334.8 billion dollars over the next two decades) of replacing aging water mains and sewer pipelines.

A discussion group that I have found valuable for members of the water and waste water community is the “Pipeline Condition Assessment Group” on LinkedIn:

Kind regards,
Dave Russell