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PICA at ASCE 2011

July 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Dave RussellThe ASCE conference and trade show is a place to meet old friends and make a few new ones. This year’s venue was the beautiful city of Seattle where PICA had a booth where we showcased our HydraSnake tool.

The thing we like about ASCE conferences is that they are “right sized” and not too long. The exhibition had a lunch sandwich buffet and breakfast buffet that allowed conference attendees to look over innovations in technology while enjoying some good food.

We also took the opportunity to announce and strengthen our new strategic alliance with Wachs Water Services – many old and new customers asked us about that alliance and expressed their encouragement. It’s good to see that everyone is as excited about it as we are.

This year, PICA sponsored a hole in the golf tournament and U.S. Manager, Chris Garrett (a fair golfer) tried his hand at it too. Chris represented us at the booth along with Vincent Chen (Sales Manager for China, Asia and the west coast of Canada/USA) and me, Dave Russell (company prez). Vincent (left) and Chris(right) are shown in the photo below.

PICAs ASCE 2011 Booth










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Dave Russell


In-line inspection companies are working together for the benefit of the client

June 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Dave RussellThe recent rise in the consolidation of companies providing leak detection and condition analysis of water mains (Wachs with JD-7; Pure with EMTEK and PPIC; Mueller with Echologics) confirms that the market for in-line inspection technologies is blossoming and pipeline managers are realizing the value of non-destructive testing for their buried assets.

The life extension of water and wastewater pipelines is a very practical way to make the most effective use of tight maintenance budgets. Although in-line technologies can be invasive (for example, potable mains must be thoroughly flushed and shock-chlorinated after the inspection), this is a small price to pay for the value derived by using them. Technologies like PICA’s HydraSnake and the Wachs JD-7 tools that enter potable water mains offer value to the client as excavation and cutting of the pipe is not required. In addition, removal of thick scale and coatings is not needed for these particular tools.

It may seem that these consolidations give asset managers fewer companies to choose from, however the technologies that they can now bring to the table are varied – each having its own unique strengths – and that is good news for any asset manager.

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Dave Russell

“Life Extension” for water & waste water pipelines

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment


Dave Russell

A common expression used in the oil and gas industry is “life extension”. Usually people are referring to aging power stations, refineries or gas plants that have exceeded their design life and are “kept going” by intensive inspection programs that include NDT (Non Destructive Testing).

It is also a common term used in Asset Management Programs (AMPs) for buried oil and gas pipelines and above ground structures like bridges.

One day, I hope that the water and waste water business will start talking about “life extension”. In my mind, it is the only way to minimize the expense (currently estimated to be 334.8 billion dollars over the next two decades) of replacing aging water mains and sewer pipelines.

A discussion group that I have found valuable for members of the water and waste water community is the “Pipeline Condition Assessment Group” on LinkedIn:

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Dave Russell