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PICA completes a successful inspection of 12″ FM in Midwest

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment

PICA crew with 12-in SeeSnakePICA was recently entrusted with the responsibility of inspecting 3,000 ft of ductile iron force main for a client on the banks of Lake Michigan. This critical pipeline carries treated wastewater between two plants and was targeted for inspection due to a failure on a parallel pipeline.

To facilitate this inspection, PICA inserted their free-swimming 12″ SeeSnake tool into the line by way of a launch barrel, used the plant’s pumps to push the tool the entire distance, and received it in a catch barrel. To ensure the tool would successfully navigate the pipeline, a gauge pig was run prior to inspection. Calibrations runs were also conducted on site to ensure the best possible data would be collected.

After three days of field work, the PICA team demobilized and sent the data to Toronto where it is currently being analysed.

For more information about this job, contact PICA USA at 1.704.236.3771.


PICA receives “Project of the Year” recognition from Trenchless Technology

November 23, 2012 Leave a comment

PICA is honored to receive the Runner Up Rehabilitation Project of the Year in the October 2012 issue of Trenchless Technology. The award celebrates the successful inspection of a 24″ force main in Raymore, Missouri. With a total circulation of 36,000 readers, the award signals a growing awareness of the benefits of Direct Condition Assessment.

You can read more about this project and the award by grabbing the October issue (they’re free!) or by reading the article online.