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The 100km Birthday Gift

July 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Jake Regala, a PICA data analyst, and his wife, Sylvie, participated in their 3rd annual 100km fundraising physical challenge on June 23 as a gift to their daughter, Josee, who recently celebrated her 3rd birthday. By competing in this challenge, they hope to teach her the importance of being charitable as well as promote their healthy and active lifestyle.

This year, Jake and Sylvie joined numerous cycling enthusiasts to tackle the 100km fundraising bike ride along scenic rural roads north of Toronto. Money raised during this event went to in support of an education and treatment center for children with a wide variety of physical and developmental disabilities.

Josee, the birthday girl, was towed safely behind Jake and Sylvie’s tandem bike to enjoy the view while her parents did all the hard work.

Jake joins others in the Russell NDE Systems family as they cycle to raise money for deserving charities. Derek Brent and Colin Russell saddled up to fight Cancer in Alberta earlier this year.

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PICA inspects 16-in force main

July 4, 2012 Leave a comment

InspectionLast week PICA completed the field work for a 16-in wastewater pipeline inspection. Located in the southern U.S., this cement lined ductile iron pipe had a history of failure and was a candidate for replacement and up-sizing. PICA was called in to assess the remaining life of the force main by measuring the actual remaining wall thickness of the pipe.

During the inspection, PICA’s SeeSnake Direct Condition Assessment tool traveled 4,400 ft, navigating five bends and crossing under major roadways.

The data is now in the Toronto office being analysed and a report will be issued shortly. For more information about this project and how PICA can improve your Asset Management plan, give us a call – we are happy to help!